2017 CIT MULTISPORT CAMP (Grades 7th – 9th)

Koa Summer Camp Counselors in Training

Koa’s Summer Camp Counselors in Training (CIT) program is for rising 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. You’ll have the opportunity to work along side our senior staff while learning about camp operations and how to manage a team of campers. You’ll also have some free time to play some of our sports with other CITs.  Earn SSL hours, train to be a senior counselor, and have some FUN!

CIT’s earn 4.0 SSL hours per full day at camp!

8 One Week Sessions Offered (9:00am-3:00pm):
CIT Multisport Session 1: SOLD OUT
CIT Multisport Session 2: SOLD OUT
CIT Multisport Session 3: SOLD OUT
CIT Multisport Session 4: SOLD OUT
CIT Multisport Session 5: SOLD OUT 
CIT Multisport Session 6: SOLD OUT
CIT Multisport Session 7: SOLD OUT
CIT Multisport Session 8: SOLD OUT

Cost:  $199/CIT

Location: The Woods Academy (6801 Greentree Road, Bethesda, MD 20817)


This is the Best Multisport Camp in the Bethesda area. Every year, we have over a 95% excellent rating by our campers, and continue to expand our great staff and camp activities.

Why Koa Camp?

Great Coaches, Great Campers, Great Fun!

From registration to communication to the pick-up line at camp, people chose Koa because we have the best people on earth. As a customer, you can rest assured that Koa is always here to answer any question or solve any problem. As a parent, you have the assurance of knowing your children are under the supervision of the most energetic, responsible, and fun counselors on earth.

Jerel, pictured above, is a great example of what Koa Camp is all about. A high school coach during the year, Jerel spends his summer days playing kickball with our campers and starting everyday with an infectious energy.

Program Director: Billy Woodward – Billy@KoaSports.org

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