Olney Flag Football League

 Fall 2017

Olney Flag Football has a new player coming its way in Fall 2017: Koa Sports League! This will be Koa’s first flag football season in Olney, but nowhere near our first flag football season. Koa Flag Football has operated out of the Bethesda area for more than 10 seasons, and it’s time to bring the fun to Olney!

Koa’s Flag Football program stands out from a preparation standpoint. All of the background work is done by full-time staff members, including team assignments, scheduling, uniforms, coaching, etc. Olney Flag Football with Koa will mean competing in real jerseys, with real referees, with teams coached by real, trained, professional coaches.

Quick Glance at Koa’s Olney Flag Football League

Who: 2nd – 8th grade

What: Same great flag football league, expanded to a new location!

Cost: $99/player

When: Saturdays 11/4/17 through 12/2/17 (No play on 11/25)

Where: Good Counsel High School

Flag Football Rules

Koa Flag Football

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