Play It Forward Scholarship Fund Powered By Congressional Bank

Before non-profits like Koa organized sports leagues, there was a more organic way of “community organizing” — kids went door to door to round up enough players for a game at the park. It didn’t matter what street you lived on, how big your house was, or what your parents did for a living; every kid in the neighborhood was eligible.

We’ve made a few small additions to that model (uniforms, schedules, professional coaches), but our heart remains in the same place. We see ourselves as a neighborhood sports organization. An organization with neighborhood roots, neighborhood athletes, and neighborhood values. An organization that would never violate the most basic ‘neighborhood right’:

‘Every child has the right to play’

That’s the point of our Play It Forward Scholarship Fund: to give every athlete the opportunity to play. This means field hockey players, flag football nuts, summer camp enthusiasts — anyone. We believe any child who wants to play should be given the opportunity — it’s how things worked on the playground and how they’ll continue to work for as long as we’re around.

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Over $50,000 Awarded!

Donate to our scholarship fund and give the gift of youth sports to another member of our neighborhood. A donation puts an athlete on the field and allows them to “play it forward.”