Youth Baseball Clinics


Koa’s Youth Baseball Clinics are a safe, engaging, one-day-per-week commitment for developing players aged 7-10U. It’s a baseball classroom — fun, active, challenging, and enlightening.

How are we different? We provide the best instructors and administrative support around. Your son will benefit from our unique clinics, where he can learn and get reps on baseball basics, tee hitting, machine-hitting, pitching mechanics, and more.


We offer one session each Thursday from April 20th through May 25th, with a June 1st rainout/makeup date. This is a Hitting and Defense Clinic for 7-10U players.  The clinic location is TBD.

HITTING AND DEFENSE 7-10U | Thursday | 5:00-6:00pm

Price: $150
Session: 6 weeks, starting 4/20 until 5/25 (6/1 rain makeup date)
Location: TBD
Included: Koa T-Shirt

Frequently Asked Question

I have a big group of boys who’d like to join — can they all be on the same team?

Absolutely! We have a huge number of “free-agents” each season. It’s a really inclusive environment.

NO. We’re absolutely committed to making our clinics a positive environment for everyone to enjoy — parents included. This is NOT a place for parents to live through their children or take away from the kids’ experience. It’s about two things: getting better and having fun!


Koa offers introductory baseball clinics in a fun, safe, engaging environment. Our clinics are one day per week and are designed for developing players 7U-10U. Our instructors begin to teach and reinforce fundamentals, introduce athletes to the social setting of baseball, and never rush into game situations before they’re ready.

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