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Regular Registration Deadline (not HS): March 10, 2017 – All registrations after this date will be charged a $25 late registration fee. 

Koa’s Flag Football League gives you more of the sport you love. More weekends of spinning, flag-pulling, touchdown-dancing FUN. Flag Football is one of the country’s fastest growing sports and Koa’s Flag Football League is no exception. Each year more and more players come out to join in on the fun in our six week plus playoffs fall league.

Koa Flag Football is the league where everybody knows your name. Where the coaches are here to help you get better on and off the field. Where hard work is rewarded with All-Star Games, or a shot at Playoffs, where you have the opportunity to play on a real high school football field to a crowd full of friends, family and players. It’s competing in real jerseys, with real referees, with teams coached by real, trained, professional coaches.

Fast Facts for Koa’s Flag Football League

Who: K-HS Aged players

  • Age divisions are K-1, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and HS

What: Flag Football! Six regular season games and one action-packed playoffs weekend

  • The coaching options and prices are as follows: Option 1: Koa Coached teams ($275) or Option 2: Parent Coached teams ($175).  HS teams will be Player Coached ($125).

When: Sundays

  • Spring 2017 Season is 3/26 – 5/7; playoffs on the final weekend of 5/21
  • Weekend of 5/14 will be a make-up weekend, OR All-Star Sunday!
  • Practices and games on the same day–that means a one day per week commitment. Each team practices for half an hour before playing an hour-long game slot.
  • There will be no games 4/16 (Easter weekend).

Where: Luxmanor Elementary School (6201 Tilden Ln, Rockville, MD 20852)

Why: Flag Football is the safest way to play America’s game! On top of that: It’s FUN.

Need we say more? Okay, but seriously, Flag Football with Koa is just plain fun. We like to measure success with smiling faces over here, and let’s just say: Flag Football is very successful! Flag Football is a high-action, high-adrenaline, fun-for-everyone sport. It’s one of those sports where everyone is always involved. Lining up on defense, spreading the field on offense, working out the play in the huddle…this game is for everyone.

Flag Football Rules

Choosing the Right Flag Coach

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Have more questions? Check the FAQ’s below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely. During the registration process, simply list the boys’ names in the “schedule/team preference” box. Or create a creative team-name and have all the boys list that. We’ll make sure they all end up together. We do however limit the number of players on one team to 10.

Done deal. We have a huge number of “free-agents” each year and we’re more than happy to place them on a team with other kids their age. It’s a really inclusive environment and your child will fit in easily.

Yes, but we can’t guarantee a spot on that roster. We’re usually able to fill out parent coached teams and find a volunteer but that’s not always the case. In the event there aren’t enough players (or no parent volunteers), we’ll transfer you to a Koa-Coached team and ask you to pay the difference.

No. Saturday or Sunday (depending on your choice) is the only day of football and you’ll both practice and play in that time window

We rent fields from Montgomery County to play our games. If they close fields due to inclement weather, we will have to postpone games. Each season will have one make-up week at the end, if necessary.

NO. We’re absolutely committed to making flag football a positive environment for everyone to enjoy. This is NOT a league for parents to live through their children or take away from the kids’ experience.

Counter-intuitively, yes. We set a registration date so we can make our operational plan for the summer. You can still sign up after the registration deadline, but you will be charged a late registration fee to cover the administrative costs of entering the player individually.

If you cancel your registration after the registration close date and find someone to take your spot, we’ll refund you 80% of the program cost in cash. If you cancel your registration after the registration close date and fail to find someone to take your spot, we’ll credit your Koa account with 80% of the cost.

Once the season is started, we only issue refunds under extremely extenuating circumstances.

Who is Koa Flag?


We’re your neighborhood ball players. We’re a nation of spin-moving, touchdown celebrating, intercepting football-crazies who are out for two things: Getting better and having fun.

Koa was built on the idea that sports are important in the lives of young boys and girls. From the skills they develop to the lessons they teach to the relationships formed along the way. Come join us and experience the Koa difference for yourself.

Our football program has leagues in both the Spring and Fall, with the perfect league for everyone’s developmental dreams.

Program Director: Matt Blecker – Matt@koasports.org

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