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13th Grade Basketball DC

Washington, D.C., is an impressive area that consistently produces great basketball players in all positions, and our 13th grade basketball DC trusts is one of the reasons why. D.C. and the surrounding areas have produced famous basketball players such as Kevin Durant, Ty Lawson, John Duren, and Greivis Vasquez. Some of them played 13th Grade Basketball DC, while others decided to apply directly to their respective colleges. In fact, taking part in a program in 13th grade basketball in DC can be hugely beneficial.

A trend we’ve been seeing among talented basketball players is going to prep school for a year before diving into collegiate careers. We often get asked, “What is a basketball prep school and who should go to one?” We’re here to answer that question now.

What is a basketball prep school and who should go to one?

13th Grade Basketball DC offers is also known as basketball prep school for players who don’t get any collegiate offers or don’t get an offer from a school they are interested in. Typically, at this stage, players have the opportunity to go to a prep school or a junior college. A prep school offers the opportunity to play against some of the best basketball players of your age, and is a real coming of age experience. Additionally, it does not cut into your college eligibility and prep schools see a lot of college recruiters.

About Koa Sports 13th Grade Basketball DC Offers

Koa Sports is a premier sports agency with locations in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Our DC 13th grade basketball program is one of our highlights. Our founder, Tony Korson, started out by giving lessons to neighborhood baseball players. After recognizing a real need for quality instruction and athlete development, Koa Sports was born. Since then we’ve grown to offer camps, leagues, and various programs for baseball, basketball, flag football, girls’ lacrosse, and much more.

If you’re looking for a program in13th grade basketball DC trusts to train its top players, look no further. Our basketball prep team is headed up by Jimmie Carter, a former Division I basketball player at Drexel University. Our assistant coach, Jeremy Schlafstein, has been a lifelong basketball player and possesses a love of the game unlike any other. Before Koa, he was a varsity player at local Wootton High School.

The Koa Sports 13th Grade Basketball DC program is a high intensity, highly selective team comprised of 10-15 players. Players are expected to be on the court at 7:30 am every Monday-Friday, and at 7:00 am on Sundays. We’re looking for skilled players ready to take their game up a notch and prepare for college basketball. Unlike other prep schools in the area, we have a unique and transformational process consisting of 3 things:

  • Life Skills - Our program teaches entrepreneurial skills training and business etiquette, and offers self-help readings and lectures.
  • Basketball Player Development - We posses a deep understanding of player development practices and provide team and 1-1 coaching. We identify and close any gaps in a player's skill set, and teach them how to mitigate weakness while playing their strengths.
  • Fitness - Fit basketball players can run longer, jump higher, and outlast the competition. We bring in a best in class fitness coach from the Baltimore Ravens to show players how to build lean muscle mass and eat right for the long-term.


Are you looking to up your ball game and prep for a successful collegiate basketball career? If you think you’re a good fit for our 13th Grade Basketball DC program, then check out our Koa Sports website or give us a call at (301) 229-PLAY!