How long have you been with Koa, and in what capacity (BABL, travel, clinics/lessons)?

This 2018 season will be my first as head coach in the BABL A division for the Crushers.

Playing/coaching experience:

Besides recreational playing, my playing experience consists of 4 years on my high school’s varsity team than returning a few years later after graduation as an assistant coach.

What makes you tick (what motivates you)?

Living in each moment and making the best out of every situation. There might not be a tomorrow, so I dig deep and give it my all to today. “Yesterday is history and tomorrow’s a mystery, today is a gift, which is why they call it the present.”

What’s the best thing about baseball?

The best thing about baseball in my opinion is, once the cleats are laced, and the umpire yells “PLAY BALL!.” That feeling of “alright, let’s do this!” knowing that your team is behind you, that they’re all there for the same common goal and they are going to give it their ALL!

Non-baseball interests:

I have been doing stand-up comedy since the age of 18, I love having time to myself, writing jokes, finding new ways to make someone smile; everyone has issues they deal with. If I can talk to a crowd and take your mind out of your problems, even if it is just for a minute… well that’s just one of the greatest joys in my life.