Basketball With Koa Sports

Basketball With Koa Sports

Whether you’re the parent of a first-timer or of an athlete with high school aspirations, Koa will provide a basketball environment that promotes success for all levels of players. We have a variety of programs, and we are sure one will fit the needs of your son. With full-time administrative support, years of experience, and a team of top notch coaches, we believe that the basketball experience we provide is the best in the area. Come check us out!

Year-Round Basketball Training (3rd-12th Grade)

Whether you are just starting out or looking to make the team, or the starting line-up, let Koa’s training staff lead the way. We have been there too so we know what it takes to reach your athlete’s basketball goals. Scheduling is super easy, our trainers are great, and the pricing is affordable as every child deserves the right to play. By the way, the first session is a FREE 30-minute workout!

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Speed & Agility Training (SAT) (3rd-8th Grade)

Our basketball staff hosts a series of speed & agility clinics for all sports to help gain a step on the competition. The ability to control your body, change pace, and change speed is vital to success at any level of play. We train all sports, not just basketball- Come learn from the best and be amazed by the results!

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Select Basketball (3rd – 10th Grade)

Tryouts are required for our select basketball teams and take place at the beginning of each season. Tryout updates can be found here.

Our select basketball players are practicing twice a week, playing one or two games a weekend, and working closely with our basketball staff to maximize their potential. Our select teams will play in the fall, winter and spring season.

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Click here to read our Select Basketball Code of Conduct & Playing Time Policy

Girls Basketball Clinics (3rd-8th Grade)

We will be launching our first girl’s exclusive basketball clinic for 3rd-8th grade for all skill levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced participants! There will be ten one-hour sessions at Koa HQ hosted by Koa’s professional coaching staff.

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Winter Clinics (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade)

Koa’s Kindergarten-2nd Grade hoops winter clinics provide an exciting opportunity to play basketball in a safe and fun recreational environment. This program is an excellent way to introduce your child to Koa basketball! It also provides players with a non-parent coaching experience in an objective and positive learning setting. Expect some instruction and plenty of fun!

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Boys Basketball FAQs:

Boys who will be in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade for the 2019-2020 school year.

Our next select season is Fall/Winter 2019-2020. The teams will be playing in the Force One League (fall) and Rising Stars League (winter). Tryouts are August! All players must register – no walk-ons allowed.

At Koa sports, we believe kids can get the best training from experienced coaches and instructors. It is important that every Mom and Dad in our program read the Koa White Paper on The Importance of Learning from Non-Parent Coaches. All the coaches are required to go through extensive background screening. Furthermore, they are trained to follow the plans of our Advisory Board, made up of collegiate athletes and professional players. Full bios for many of our coaches can be found on our staff page (click here for bios). The Koa coaches will run the practices and coach the games. The parents get to enjoy the games and cheer on all the athletes from the sidelines.

In simplest terms, it means that the coach is required to (a) follow the practice plans designed and implemented by the Koa collegiate and professional players; (b) have extensive background screening performed; and (c) strive to adhere to our core values (POSITIVE, DEDICATED, TEAM FIRST, FUN!).

All of Koa’s coaches are required to go through extensive background screening. Furthermore, they are trained to follow the plans of our Advisory Board, made up of collegiate athletes and professional players. All teams have interaction with our collegiate players. Full bios of some of our coaches can be found on our staff page.

Practices will typically be at gyms in the Bethesda, Rockville, and Potomac area. Games will mostly take place in Montgomery County School gyms. Practices may also occur in our Koa Facility!

Who Is Koa Hoops?

Private Training & Facility

Get to Know Koa Hoops

We’re your neighborhood ballplayers. We’re a nation of dribbling, bench-cheering, hard-working basketball-crazies who are out for two things: Getting better and having fun.

Koa was built on the idea that sports are important in the lives of young athletes – from the skills, it develops to the lessons it teaches to the relationships formed along the way. Come join us and experience the Koa difference for yourself.

Our basketball program is year-round so check us out whenever you want!

Program Director: Evan Sirkey