Koa Sports


Name: Robert Castillo

How Long Coaching for Koa, Capacities: This will be my first season with Koa Sports and many more to come!

What Makes You Tick/ Motivated: Teaching the game I love to young ball coaches. By seeing this it gives me the gratification that the coache has learned something from me. Seeing that smile on their face, and watching them play with fun puts a smile on my face!! I have a saying, ‘believe in yourself’ and everything will be all right while playing baseball.

Previous Baseball Experience: Started playing baseball at 8. 1981 Montgomery County Recreation League. Played in middle school with Catholic Youth Organization with St. Jerome’s Hyattsville, MD. Attended DeMatha Catholic HS, in Hyattsville played baseball there for 3 years. During my high school career, played Babe Ruth and American Legion. I had an opportunity to play in Nicaragua in an amateur league after graduating from High School.

Local Connection: (BLANK)

Off-field Interests: Love to hang out with my beautiful Rebecca and taking long walks with my 10 month old pit bull, Makoto. I have twin boys age 14, Leo Castillo and Dylan Castillo. Leo loves writing stories and all types of music.