If you are looking for a fun and safe way to allow your child to do a sport they love, consider sending them to Koa Sports to play in our COVID-compliant baseball camp. We understand that it can be difficult to find a place that allows your child to play baseball while keeping them safe, but we believe it is a privilege to have our facility open in a way that keeps children and staff as healthy as possible. We know that because of the very nature of most sports it can be incredibly difficult to discourage the spread of COVID. However, we are keeping up with CDC guidelines to ensure we do everything on our part to keep the kids at our baseball camp safe. Want to sign your child up for baseball camp? Contact us now. 

Children will inevitably be sweating and talking during baseball drills. Won’t this potentially spread anything between players and staff? 

First and foremost, we understand that allowing your child to participate in baseball camp compliant with COVID-regulations is a personal decision and you want to be as informed as possible when making it. We believe that it is possible to play baseball responsibly and we know that the risk of getting COVID can greatly be reduced if:

  • Children bring their own gear
  • Children sanitize between plays
  • Children don’t touch their faces
  • Children wear a mask as much as they are able to

What are the staff members at Koa Sports doing to stop the spread? 

Our staff takes COVID extremely seriously and we want you to know that we are keeping our staff up-to-date regarding cleaning protocols and prevention guidelines. Stopping the spread starts with the individual and we are taking great care to ensure each staff member complies with CDC policy. 

What if social distancing isn’t possible during a game or between plays? 

Full social distancing may not always be possible while your child is at baseball camp. This is why we require children who are 9 and older to wear face coverings as often as they can, especially when they are interacting with other children or staff members. We also work with your children to learn the safety protocols in place so they remember to wash hands, sanitize, and avoid touching others as often as possible. 

Call Us Now! 

Baseball camp is an incredibly important outlet for children and we believe it can be done safely. If you would like to learn more about how Koa Sports is keeping children safe while having fun, reach out to learn about our COVID-compliant baseball camp now!