At Koa Sports, we understand that while you want your children to get back out there and participate in field hockey, that now looks like COVID-compliant field hockey in Maryland. Is this even possible? How can you keep your children physically active during a pandemic? We take great care to ensure all of the kids who participate in our sports are following CDC guidelines while in our facility and are careful to listen to new rules before practice. We know that this may look different, but everyone is experiencing a new normal right now. We want to give your children a safe place to let out their energy and be with friends during a difficult time. Want to learn more about how we maintain children’s safety while playing field hockey? Call us now. 

What measures do you take to keep children safe at KOA Sports?

At Koa Sports, our top priority is your child’s safety. We want to be a place where your children can have fun, build friendships, and learn the value of teamwork. However, our top priority will always be their safety. Following CDC guidelines, we are making our field hockey COVID-compliant so you do not have to worry about your child. This means we will:

  • Ask parents to keep their children at home if their child is sick or is getting sick. We know that a case of the sniffles may not be COVID. However, for the safety of everyone involved, please keep your child at home at any sign of sickness and notify us of their ongoing condition. 
  • Make sure people maintain 6 feet of distancing as much as they are able to. We believe this is one of the easiest ways to stop the spread of COVID. 
  • Screen children and our staff regularly to ensure they are not coming into practice with a fever or other signs of illness. 
  • Encourage all parents or guardians who are dropping off their children to limit contact with anyone else at the facility and wear a face covering at all times. We will limit the amount of participation between Koa Sports and outside individuals. 
  • Keep our facility clean and disinfected daily. Especially given the nature of sports like field hockey, we understand this means the potential for sweat and saliva. We take great pride in the maintenance and cleanliness of our facility. 

We want your child to feel comfortable and safe playing field hockey at Koa Sports. If you are interested in signing up for field hockey compliant with COVID regulations, contact our office now.