Field Hockey Private Training

Koa Field hockey now offers personalized training to help elevate your game. If you’re looking to take your field hockey skills to the next level, we’re here to help you achieve that goal! Private lessons are open to anyone–whether you’re on a Koa Field Hockey team, a school team, or another area squad.

Players can register for private lessons with our professional field hockey instructors. We have College Level coaches available for all lessons. All sessions are designed to help players get 1-on-1 instruction to improve on their individual skills and help them translate those skills to in-game play.

Private training takes place at either the Koa facility or one of our outdoor play spaces.

Our private lesson rates are as follows:

Collegiate Sessions
Coaches include Shelby Amspacher, Rachel Freeland, Gio Gordon, or you can request another coach of your choice.
1 Hr. Lesson       $80
1/2 Hr. Lesson   $45

Schedule Private Training

We’re here to help you take your game to the next level.  Contact Kelly Given at to schedule your private lesson.

New to Koa: Game Evaluations!

Koa FH is now offering evaluations to players who want to know where they stand compared to our different programs. When you set-up an evaluation, one of our coaches will attend a practice or game to see your athlete play. Our coaches will evaluate your athlete on their basic fundamental skills, on-ball and off-ball movement, field vision, coachability and their overall athleticism. These evaluations can be done during any Koa Program: Rec League, Clinics, or DT Practices and Play Days. If your athlete is not currently registered for any Koa FH programs, then we can do an evaluation during a Private Lesson. Any field hockey player, whether you are new to Koa or you have been with Koa for a few seasons can register for an evaluation!

Find out where your athlete compares to our current Club and Development Team players! Schedule a $40 game evaluation. Please email Kelly Given at or call 301-229-7529 to set up your evaluation!

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