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Summer Camp Potomac MD

KOA Sports is happy to announce that our Indoor Training Facility has opened as of 6/22 of this year! The pandemic has impacted most families in many ways, and we understand that at this point your child may be in desperate need of some fun and spending time with friends. We can assure you that in the settings we provide, children will remain safe distances apart and are not permitted to join if they fail to use a protective mask. Please read here about our social distancing procedures for youth Summer Camp Potomac, MD

What will be different about youth summer camps at KOA Sports this year?

This year, we are enforcing strict safety guidelines so that every player and the family members they live with can remain safe with minimal exposure. We are following regulations set forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in addition to state-wide requirements for Maryland county and Montgomery County. The safety of this community and those who live in it is our top priority during this time. A few safety guidelines that you may not have seen before at KOA Sports Summer Camps include:

  • Parents must complete a COVID-19 Screening Form for their child
  • Coaches and staff receive routine temperature screenings
  • All players and coaches are to remain six feet apart at all times
  • No spectators are permitted at the Indoor Training Facility (but we will be offering live streaming for parents)
  • Face coverings that are sufficiently protective must be worn consistently
  • Cleaning and disinfection of KOA equipment will be performed by staff between each group


My child wants to play basketball this year, will there be new rules? 

Yes, if you plan to have your child join an activity at our Indoor Training Facility, then there are a few rules that they will have to follow. For example, if your child is playing basketball then they must bring their own basketball to a session. Unfortunately, due to risk of transmission between players, KOA Sports will not be supplying basketballs for general use. Each player must choose one basket to play from, and not share with someone who does not live in their same household. Every session will be limited to 6-12 players maximum and 2 trainers.

How can I register my kid for camp? 

You can register your son or daughter for KOA Sports Social Distancing Summer Camps through SI Play (Register Here!). Once you complete the registration process and submit payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you from SI Play. Before your child can play sports, you must submit a camper health form. You will receive more information a week prior to the camp session, such as what to bring, weekly schedule, and directions.

KOA Sports priotizes your child’s health. We hope that as a parent, you feel more comfortable knowing that your son or daughter is safely participating in one of the various activities we offer. Whether you are interested in indoor activities at our training facility, or hosting in the backyard of your home, please call KOA Sports today for more information! 


Summer Camp Bethesda

At KOA Sports, we have tweaked our sports and activities programs so that they follow social distancing rules and regulations set forth by the state of Maryland and the CDC. We take the COVID-19 epidemic seriously, and are dedicated to providing fun outlets for your children, as they are likely eager to get out and spend some time with friends! Read further to learn more about how our summer camps Bethesda have adapted to social distancing:

What types of social distancing rules will be enforced by staff and coaches?

The Koa Sports Indoor Training Facility opened its doors on the 22nd of June, with rules established so that every player is safe and has minimal exposure to risks. We take your child’s well being very seriously, and are abiding by precautions recommended by the CDC. We are continually staying up-to-date so that we can create outdoor and indoor activities that are safe. Our staff and coaches will not relent in ensuring that every player who joins our Indoor Training activities follows these safety rules:

  • Each player must bring their own basketball from home to every session (Please note: Koa Sports will not be supplying basketballs).
  • Each player must use their own designated basket, and not share one with another person who does not live with them.
  • Players are only permitted to use our Indoor Training Facility during specific hours and days. Open and unscheduled use is not allowed.
  • Once the indoor training session is over, kids must be picked up promptly by parents. Our staff need adequate time to clean before the next group arrives.


What are the options in having my child participate in Koa Sports activities?

Your child can either participate in our Indoor Training activities in which we host the games at our facility inside. Or, you can hire us to bring the sports to your own backyard, where your child and 5-8 friends can come together for a full day or half-day of fun!

A full day with multi-activities entails various sports, crafts, card games, reading, board games, team dances, and much more. For sports, you can choose from soccer, street hockey, wiffle ball, flag football, paddle ball, or basketball! If you are interested in hosting a half-day sport camp at your home, then you can choose from baseball, flag football, basketball, or field hockey.

As a parent, am I allowed to come watch my kid play sports?

We are sorry to say that parents are not allowed in the Indoor Training Facility to watch their children. The reason for this is because we want to minimize the chances of exposure between players and families as much as possible. We understand that this news may come as a disappointment, but we do offer live video streams just in case you want to tune in from home. 

Don’t let your son or daughter miss out on all the fun we have to offer. To reserve a sports activity for your child, contact KOA sports today! 

Inner Koa, News

Koa Sports Summer Camps Make Headlines

With Outdoor Recreation open in Montgomery County, Koa Summer Camp returns with a modified look!

Social distancing rules and CDC regulations still apply, and we are thrilled to provide our Koa community with safe outdoor sports. Our multisport Summer Camp offers daily activities that will keep your camper having fun and staying active.

Check out our latest features!




Koa is following New CDC regulations and constantly monitoring updates:


Questions? info@koasports.org | 301-229-7529

koa sports

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Inner Koa, News

Youth Sports Are Back

Outdoor Recreation is Open in Montgomery County!

Everyone loves great news!  Governor Hogan announced yesterday that summer camps are allowed in Maryland and County Executive Elrich just deemed outdoor youth sports open! Social distancing rules and CDC regulations still apply, and we are thrilled to provide our Koa community with safe outdoor sports.

What’s Available:

Private Lessons & Small Group Training (at parks and in-home)
Summer Camps
Summer Baseball Leagues

Koa is following New CDC regulations and constantly monitoring updates:


Questions? info@koasports.org | 301-229-7529

koa sports

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Inner Koa, News

Social Distancing in Sports

There will be new realities when sports resume from the coronavirus pandemic.  So what will this youth sports landscape look like for athletes and families? Masks, social distancing, gloves, and constantly sterilizing equipment are becoming best practices. Let’s focus on social distancing in this post, which minimizes the spread of the virus and person to person contact.  Here are the top 10 sports/activities that promote social distancing while providing competitiveness, fun, and teamwork!


  1. Tennis. Whether singles or doubles, tennis allows you to stand 6 feet apart from your partner or your opponent. The ball will only be touching your own racket so no worries on cross-contamination. When it comes to the tennis ball, you can Lysol the balls every time there is a change in service.
    • Modifications- Badminton, Tennis Jail, Pickleball
  2. 3 v 3. Street Hockey with Goalie. Street hockey usually is 6 v 6, cutting that number in half will allow players to social distance while working on their passing, shooting, and dribbling. The players will each have their own stick so no worries on cross-contamination. The goalie, the only player allowed to touch the puck/ball with hands, will be wearing gloves.
  3. 3 v. 3 Soccer with Goalie. What kind of summer would it be without outdoor soccer? One way to keep soccer fun but practice being 6ft apart is 3 v 3 soccer! While defenders have to keep their social distance, offensive players will work on their passing and juggling of the soccer ball. The perfect way to gain skills while staying safe with the ball only touching your tennis shoes. The goalie, the only player allowed to touch the ball with hands, will be wearing gloves.
    • One Soccer activity that allows for social distance but is also extremely fun is Keep Your Yard Clean! Players try to keep their side of the field ‘clean’ by kicking soccer balls to their opponent’s side, whichever side of the field is ‘cleaner’ after the designated time that team wins!
  4. Corn hole. The perfect game for social distancing while laughing with your friends! There are easy ways to adapt the roles to keep 6ft apart and not share the same bean bags. For example, have all players shoot on the same horn hole and use their own designated bean bags; this keeps the spreading of germs with multiple players touching all bean bags.
  5. Kickball. Kickball has the perfect set up for social distance. While standing more than 6ft apart from each basemen, outfielder, and the dugout kickball allows for kids to play one of their favorite PE games while following social distance guidelines! Maybe to switch it up, have the pitcher kick the ball to the batter allowing for fewer hands touching the kickball!
  6. Wiffle Ball or Tennis Baseball. The perfect way to practice your baseball/softball skills while having fun and social distance. Whether using a wiffle ball bat and ball or a tennis racket and tennis ball, you can social distance and still hit a homerun while the baseman and outfielders stay 6ft apart.
  7. Horse (Basketball). While the game of basketball is hard to play while social distancing, there are a lot of activities that can help you develop your skill while still following guidelines. For example, everyone loves a fun game of H-O-R-S-E. Each player must always be 6ft apart when shooting or waiting for their turn. Each player also uses their own basketball so you do not have to worry about lysoling the ball down every time someone shoots!
  8. Cycling/Scooters/Skateboarding. We could all use some fresh air so why not exercise and be active at the same time? Whether it is riding a bike, a scooter, or a skateboard, you can practice being on the next XGames while social distancing.
  9. Relay Races. With a few adjustments, social distancing is no problem. Relay Races can focus on speed and agility drills, for example, using an agility ladder or utilizing footwork with cones. To make it fun, add in some dance moves and balance beam action.
  10. Jogging. All you need is yourself and headphones for this ageless activity.  Stay active and healthy while going for a jog whether in your neighborhood, a local park or even on your treadmill.  Don’t forget to crank the tunes!







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April. 28 2020

Emily Fornatora


Asst. Athletic Director

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