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Koa Sports Founder & CEO, Tony Korson, raises the question – Where have all the baseball fields gone? Check out what he has to say in the Washington Examiner!

“There are not enough in the metro area to accommodate demand, squeezing many groups — and middle school students. At such a crucial age developmentally, when many kids already replace playing sports with unhealthy customs, those who still want to play often have nowhere to go.”

Washington Examiner Article


Inside the 20

Koa Flag Football Families & Friends,

The Fall 2018 season has come to a close. I first want to thank everyone for choosing Koa Flag Football this Fall.  The entire Koa staff enjoyed coaching and working with all of your kids each and every weekend.

The playoffs were a wild and action-packed two days. These playoffs had everything from double overtime thrillers to late game comebacks.

So let’s look at the champions of the Saturday league:

2/3rd Grade Champions: So What Else








4/5th Grade Champions: The Chargers








6th Grade Champions: The Honey Badgers








7/8th Grade Champions: The Giants








Next up, the winners of the Sunday league:

2/3rd Grade Champions: The Hurricanes










4/5th Grade Champions: The Nittany Lions









6th Grade Champions: The Thunder








7/8th Grade Champions: The Rockets








High School Champions: Eskepa








Once again, I am happy you chose Koa Flag Football again this Fall and hope to see you for Spring Flag Football!



Tim started working at Koa in September of 2018 as a member of the Baseball Department. He oversees Player Development and Koa’s Travel Baseball Program. In college, Tim was a 3-year starter in left field at High Point University, after which he spent time playing in the top division in France, while doubling as the club’s hitting coach. He has a passion for teaching hitting and helping players maximize their abilities.

De-stresser: Working out & being a foodie

Inside the 20

Koa Flag Football Families & Friends,

We survived another cold and windy weekend of Koa Flag Football. It was great to see everyone come out and enjoy the new site at Academy of the Holy Cross.

Game of the Week

Koa Flag Football Game of the Week was not only the best game of the day but also the loudest.

The Titans, led by Joseph M. and Najee AS. squared off against Reed P. and the up-and-coming Vols in the 6th Grade Division.

The game was fast and competitive from the opening drive. The Titans continued their stretch of fast starts to go up 8-0. Following the early touchdown by the Titans, the Vols Reed P. put on an absolute quarterback clinic; avoiding and escaping all blitzes thrown his way to put the Vols on the scoreboard 8-6.

The Titans would answer with a long touchdown drive led by Joseph M to go up 14-6 at halftime.

The Vols came out the gates strong in the second half, adding a quick touchdown to put pressure on the Titans narrow lead.

After another quick strike from the Titans high octane offense, they came up with a key stop after a sack by Daniel P. With the game winding down, the Titans conducted a textbook late drive to go up 26-14. Knowing the Vols had the offensive firepower to strike quickly, the Titans defense stood tall to preserve a 26-14 victory.

The Titans moved back into sole possession of second place in the 6th grade division at 4-1 and the Vols dropped to third place at 3-2.


Saturday Standings

Sunday Standings

Olney Division Standings

Spring Flag Football

Registration for Spring Flag Football is now open. For the first time, we are going to offer the ability to play flag football in the Spring on both Saturdays and Sundays.

Registration deadline for a custom jersey is January 15th.

To register, click here.

Strength, Agility & Conditioning (SAC)

Get a step ahead of the competition- NEW to Koa Sports: Strength, agility, and conditioning training! This program is geared for all types of athletes, not just basketball players. During these training sessions, you can expect plenty of footwork, body weight exercises, and speed & agility. The goal of this program is to get boys & girls sharper for their season without the intimidation and hesitation of lifting weights.

What: Strength, Agility, and Conditioing Training (SAC)
Date: Wednesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm | Saturdays 9:00-12:00 pm
Who: 5th-HS | Boys & Girls
Where: Koa HQ (4960 Boiling Brook Parkway, Rockville, MD 20852
When you train with Koa Sports, you will not find 5 or 10 packs of lessons. Instead, we offer greater quantities. Why? Simply because you won’t see results in just 5 or even 10 lessons. We offer more because just like everything else, the more practice – the better!

FIRST SESSION IS A FREE 30-MINUTE EVALUATION! All sessions are by appointment only, email basketballtraining@koasports.org to schedule yours!


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