Inside the 20

Do you ever wonder what Tom Brady or Cam Newton are doing with their Beats headphones on before a game? Or what Russell Wilson is listening to when he’s warming up? The answer: pump up jams.  Music is a huge part of many athlete’s pregame traditions. Not only does it help players focus, but it also kick starts adrenaline to get into game mode.  Before a game, athletes like to zone out all outside distractions and visualize what they are about to do on the field whether that be making a big tackle, picking off the quarterback, making a crucial third down catch and run, or throwing that perfect pass for a touchdown.    

Now, I’m not saying everyone needs to go out and buy designer headphones and start jamming, but when you show up to the field you should be ready to warm up, focus and give the game your all! Players and coaches alike use all different types of methods to get ready for their game. This often includes listening to music, but that’s not all. Some have a special meal or their favorite candy (who would Marshawn Lynch be without his love of Skittles?) before they take to the field. Some players will even watch a motivating movie or a YouTube highlight of an awesome play and then envision themselves doing the same.  So whatever your thing is, make sure you do it and do it every time.

Before any athletic event it is important to take time to focus and visualize what you are going to do on the field. If you can see yourself doing it then it is more likely going to happen! If you’re listening to your game-time playlist, eating your favorite food or taking some time to just sit and concentrate, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do you!  With playoffs right around the corner, take a moment to picture how you want to execute your game and do whatever it takes to get you there.  

Check out Coach Sirk visualizing his success before a big game!