Social Distancing Summer Camps

If you are looking for Social Distancing Summer Camps in Maryland, then look no further than KOA Sports! The year 2020 began with a devastating pandemic, leaving millions of people unsure of what the future holds and how their life was going to change. We understand that after many months of isolation, your child is probably over-the-moon about the idea of joining a summer camp with their friends.

Thankfully, we have recently introduced a couple new exciting programs so that your kids can get the exercise and fun they need. You can choose between having our camp counselors bring the sports to your private backyard, or your kids can join one of the indoor social-distancing activities at our facility during a set time and day! 

Backyard Sports Come to You

As a parent of a growing child, we can imagine that you may be apprehensive to get them back out into the world. You can rest assured that here at KOA Sports, we will be continuing to enforce procedures so that every youth athlete is safe. We recently opened back up on 6/22/2020, but have taken serious precautions by abiding strictly to Maryland and CDC regulations. We are committed to providing your child with outdoor and indoor activities that do not jeopardize their health. 

Here are the Summer 2020 safety guidelines for Summer Camp Social Distancing:

  • There are no spectators permitted
  • Players must remain six feet apart
  • Every player must have a COVID-19 screening form completed
  • Coaches receive regular temperature screenings
  • Our coaches consistently enforce social distancing rules
  • All parties must wear protective face coverings
  • Group sizes cannot exceed more than 15 people

About Our Indoor Training Activities

For our indoor training activities, there are specific rules that must be followed. Every player must supply their own basketball to each session. KOA Sports will not be providing any basketballs. Each player must have their own basket and not share with anyone who does not live in that same household. Activity sessions are limited to no more than 12 players, where 2 trainers will always be present.

We kindly request that parents do not enter the gym under any circumstances, in order to minimize the risk of exposure and transmission. This is for the safety of everyone involved, as your child’s wellness is our top priority. But, hopefully we have made it up to you by providing live training feeds for parents who are interested in watching remotely from the comforts of their home! Lastly, after the activity training, players are to gather their belongings and leave promptly. Please do not pick up your child late. Our staff need enough time to disinfect equipment properly before the next group arrives. 

Call KOA Sports Today

If your child is ready to get out there and start participating in group sports again, then please do not hesitate to call KOA Sports for more information about joining our Summer Social Distancing Camps!