Inside the 20

Welcome to the first installment of Commissioner Drew’s Flag Football Blog!

I love football because it is the ultimate team sport. Rarely does a football team win because they have just one good player. The game depends on every player on the team doing his/her part to help the team succeed.

With seven players on the field for each team for flag football, it is a match-up of which seven people will work together the best to make something happen. On offense, receivers depend on each other to run the correct route to force the defense to make a decision on who to cover. On defense, group communication is key. During the play, defenders have to communicate with each other to keep the team moving as a unit to stop the offense.

The success of both sides of the ball depends on the team’s trust in each other. A quarterback has to trust his receivers will run the correct routes. A linebacker has to trust that his cornerback will let him know if a receiver is coming into the middle of the field. This trust leads to a total group effort that enables team success.

I love the game because it is bigger than any individual. Sure there are players that are better athletically and might make some more individual plays, but the team’s success depends on every player on the team.  You might have blocked someone during the play, played defense so well that the quarterback couldn’t throw the ball, or caught a pass for a touchdown, but none of these are more important than the others. Each player on the field dramatically affects the game.

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