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Tennis in Rockville, MD

Tennis in Rockville, MD

Tennis in Rockville, MDParents who want to enroll their growing kids onto a sports team should talk with a friendly staff member at Koa Sports about tennis in Rockville, MD! We offer baseball, field hockey, basketball, flag football, and tennis! By playing sports, it can help growing kids learn about sportsmanship and working together with others, along with being an outlet for their at times limitless energy.

While there are several sports options for your kid to choose from, here we delve into the many reasons why you may want to sign them up for tennis:
There are Many Physical Health Benefits
Of course, there’s the enjoyment factor of playing the sport, but another major benefit is the physical activity. In tennis, kids may have to run back and forth for several minutes or longer at a time. Tennis can help your growing child burn calories, increase their agility, keep bones strong, and enhance their cognitive development.

Even though tennis isn’t a contact sport like other options out there, the average player can burn upwards of 500 calories every hour if playing in singles. Additionally, because MD tennis at Koa Sports is also mentally engaging, they are less likely to get bored or distracted. They will have to keep their eye on the ball at all times!

Tennis Is a Social Sport
Participating in tennis is a wonderful way for kids to establish friendships and meet new people their age. While it may be viewed as an individual sport, you cannot play tennis alone! We may hold group coaching sessions and play in doubles, so kids can learn how to team up with others. With so much technology being a driving force in entertainment nowadays, getting young kids outside and talking with those their own age can be a great way for them to exercise both their mind and physical fitness. Call Koa Sports today if you’re already convinced about signing them up for Rockville, MD tennis!
It’s a Sport They May Enjoy For a Lifetime
Getting kids involved early with tennis in Rockville can help keep them interested in physical activity for the long-term. In particular, tennis is a hobby that can be enjoyed no matter what the age! If you think about it, how many clubs have people 65+ competing on local tennis courts? As your kid gets older, tennis can be casual and light as more of a social interaction. Or, they can ramp it up and really get their heart rate going. Tennis is great because there’s a range in how intensely it can be played. 
Our coaches enjoy teaching kids lessons that can follow them for the rest of their lives. We understand the importance of getting kids involved and interested in sports. We find reward in seeing kids have fun, learn something new, and hang out with their friends at the same time. Parents can rest assured that by having their son or daughter play tennis, their kid will be strengthening both their mental and physical skills! Call Koa Sports for more details about tennis in Rockville, Maryland!