Tennis With Koa Sports


Koa Tennis exists to promote tennis as a lifestyle. How will we achieve that? By developing community-based programs that demonstrate professionalism and unsurpassed services to our local communities. We provide professional grade tennis facilities while offering numerous programs for all age groups and skill levels. We invite you to experience tennis according to your lifestyle. The game for life is now the game for YOUR life!

So whether you’re a pro or a first-timer, we have a program for you. Join Koa tennis for a variety of programs, including lessons and camps!

Who is Koa Tennis?

We’re the believers in tennis as the sport for life. We’re here to show you that tennis is fun and active, whether it’s your first time picking up a racquet or your hundredth.

Koa Sports believes that everyone has the right to play and that sports truly are important in the lives of all humans, young to old. Whether we’re talking skill development, health and social benefits, or just plain old fun, we want you to find your reason and get involved. Come join us and experience the Koa difference for yourself.

Koa tennis offers adult and youth programs, as well as pickleball!

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