Inside the 20

This week, our Tip of the Week is for all those Odell Beckham Jr’s, Calvin Johnson’s, and Julio Jones’ out there. Before you can go out and make one handed catches in the endzone, here are some tips to help you become a great pass catcher.

The first thing a good wide receiver does is check his pre-snap positioning. When lining up, your foot closer to the QB should be out in front of the other, with your back foot’s heel up slightly, as if you are standing on a stack of quarters. The next important thing is making sure you run sharp, crisp and fast routes. In the video, we run four very common routes. They are the fly, the in, the out, and the slant routes. Remember, for each route, explode off the line and run hard!

For the slant, the WR must explode off the line to create space and to make the cornerback (your defender) believe you are going deep. After taking 2-4 steps cut sharply at an angle across the middle of the field and look for the pass! The slant is a short and effective pattern for gaining 5-7 yards quickly.

For the in and the out patterns, once again, explode off the line to create space between you and the cornerback. While running the in route, take 5-8 steps and then cut sharply in a straight line across the middle of the field. For the out route, run the same 5-8 steps, and then cut in a straight line directly towards the sideline. This route is a short to mid-range play so get ready to make the play!

Finally, the fly route. This route is simple. Explode off the line and run straight towards the endzone as fast as you can! After 6-10 steps look back and check if your quarterback is going to make the pass, as you race past the cornerback, catch the ball and run into the endzone for a TOUCHDOWN!

Be on the lookout for the next Tip of the Week! Can’t wait to see all these receiving tips in action at the games!