Our Coaching Staff

Here at Koa, we hang our hats on the quality of our coaching. All registration, scheduling and administrative details aside, it’s the men and women who work with your children who make our programs what they are. We pride ourselves in having the area’s best coaches and work tirelessly to maintain that standard across all of our programs.

What makes a great coach? It’s hard to say. Background checks and staff trainings help establish a baseline of reliability and expertise, but every coach has a unique approach in how they connect with our athletes. While we encourage (and love!) the uniqueness every coach brings to their team, we expect everyone to embody our four core values — Positive. Dedicated. Team First. Fun. As you work with our staff more closely — whether on the field, in the pick-up line at camp, or poking your head in our office — we’re sure you’ll understand why these folks are so special to us.

All our coaches are required to take the Heads Up Concussion Training Through The CDC

Get to know our coaches below…

Other Coaches

Flag Football
Field Hockey

Brian Brewer

Howard Bolden

Gregory Albertini

Ian Thorne

Steve Christakos

Mark Brown

Robert Castillo

Rodolfo Guante

Pat Hisle

Oscar Espinal

Andrew Cresci

John Paseur

Al Davis

Jamaal Clarke

Antony Ndiangui

James Douglas Jr.

Rafriel Guthrie

Mike Votaw

David Procelli

Brandon Tates

Jimmie Parker

Faith Randolph

Orlando Del Hoyo

Bryan Oringher

Linn Kanon

Kieran Kindig

Alex Irwin

Eric Scretchen

Jeff Whitaker

Jeremy Stevens

Brock Hunter

Nevin Brown

Ryan Schuler

Kyle Culver

Josh Creighton

Adam Abramson

Ryan Basen

Jesse Hitchcock

Seth Beardsley

Nate Schafer

Tre Smith

Renee Walker

Rosie Van Biljon

Maddie Hoburg

Giovanni Gordon

Gabby Brooks

Yajaira Rivas

Maddie Raville

Casey Hertel

Jules Riley

Kelly Given

Desiree Lockhart

Denise Lockhart

Jalen Simons

Ozzie Richey

Mikhail Leybo

Anthony Williams

Maurice Whitehurst

Ace Clark

Serge Kona

Derrick Morgan

Nick Wise

Razonte Dunn

Rudy Yakanda

Terry Butler

Tope Olusoga

JaCarl Smith

Christopher Yamoah

David Johnson

Khamari I. Williams

Garrett Williams

Dionte Holland

Pedro Rivera

Dominick Barnes

Alie Brooks

Kim Seward

Katie Gerbes

Maura Jacobs

Meghan Gaulin

Rachel Freeland

Shelby Amspacher

Coffi Amouzou

Kevin Dominguez

Brandon Driver

Achille Hendje

Mike Howe

Theo Kona

Jim Kuhn

Nick Moon

Jamien Payne

Mason Robinson

Rob Roman

Jonny London

Perris Burke

Garrett Loomer