Elevate your game with Koa’s Select Hoops

The difference between Koa’s Select Basketball League teams and everyone else? The coaches. Select provides Koa players with the opportunity to play more competitive basketball, more often, and against tougher competition. Our Koa coaches provide them with the opportunity to make that experience a positive one.

With passionate, experienced coaches heading up each of our teams, your son will be given the chance to learn, play, and compete in a sports environment fitting with our core values. Players will be given the skills instruction and oversight needed to transition them from playground all-stars to well-rounded athletes ready to compete at the next level. Mixing in games, competitions, and plenty of exercise, our Select teams will keep your son energized, interested, and engaged along the way.

Age Group League Purpose
3rd-8th Grade Select Basketball League Emphasis on increasing basketball
knowledge, continued skill development
and team building, and preparing for
MS/HS tryouts.

Koa’s Select Basketball League is intended for serious 3rd-8th grade players. Select Basketball must be players’ primary athletic commitment for the season.  Interested athletes must attend tryouts.  All players will receive equal attention during practices and playing time is merit-based. Teams will have starters and bench players.  There may be more than one team per age group.  Koa’s professional coaches handle all of the practices and games. Coaches, click here for Koa’s basketball practice and game dress codes.

Here are the average metrics for our current Koa Select players:

2016-2017 Koa Select Hoops Metrics

Right Handed Lay Up Makes (30 seconds) Left Handed Lay Up Makes (30 seconds) Lane Agility Shuttle Run Free Throws (out of 10)
Average Top Average Top Average Top Average Top Average Top
3rd Grade 3.5 6 2.5 5 13.08 11.49 4.15 3.84 3.63 5
4th Grade 4 6 3 5 12.9 11.16 3.73 3.61 3.6 7
5th Grade 5.4 6 1.8 4 13.82 11.91 4.54 3.51 4.8 7
6th Grade 5.65 8 3.45 7 12.91 11.62 4.02 3.33 2.25 8
7th Grade 6 7 4 6 12.42 10.78 3.92 3.61 4.36 7
8th Grade 6 7 5.8 8 11.67 10.98 3.90 3.47 4.4 7

Koa offers two opportunities to play Select basketball: a 4-month winter season and a 2.5-month spring season.  In the winter season, players attend two 1.5 hour practices each week and play a pre-season tournament, a 10-game regular season, and single elimination playoffs. In the spring season, players attend one 1.5 hour practice each week and play approximately 8 games, plus a single elimination post-season tournament. Each team has two coaches — a head coach and an assistant coach. The two-coach model allows practices to be differentiated into a solid block of skill development managed by two coaches and a solid block of team development with two sets of eyes focusing on improvement. All teams are aided by our full-time staff, including Koa’s Director of Basketball Operations, who handles gym assignments, scheduling, uniforms, equipment, practice plans, and more.

3rd-8th Grade Fall Select Hoops
(September-November) Practice 2x/week
$495 Coaching, gym rental, league fee, practice jersey, administration fee
3rd-8th Grade Winter Select Hoops

(December-March) Practice 2x/week

$895 Coaching, gym rental, tournament fee,  league fee, practice jersey, administration fee, player pack
3rd-8th Grade Spring Select Hoops

(April-June) Practice 2x/week

$595 *New players: $100 uniform fee Coaching, gym rental, league fee, practice jersey, administration fee

* Please note: For Koa’s Select Basketball League new uniforms are issued every winter season.  Players joining a team in the spring will need to purchase a uniform, which includes a game jersey, practice jersey, and shorts.

Interested in playing in Koa’s Select Basketball League?
Schedule an evaluation today by emailing  evan@koasports.org or calling 301-229-7529.

COST: $40 per athlete
COMPONENTS: Shooting, Dribbling, and Agility

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