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Before Koa Sports was Koa Sports, it was Tony Korson (future CEO) coaching a group of neighborhood boys. It was a love for the game that drove Tony to start Koa Sports. While the non-profit has grown a hundred-fold since then, that passion is still present on each and every Koa baseball diamond.

Whether you’re the parent of a first-time t-baller or a college-caliber high schooler, Koa has the perfect baseball environment for him to thrive in. With full-time administrative support, years of experience and a staff of top-notch baseball coaches, we’re sure your experience with us will be a blast. See below for our list of programs:

Baseball Clinics (7U-10U)

Our open-registration clinics are ideal for new and returning players looking to develop their baseball skills. This 7U-10U skills based program features Machine Pitch (off a real machine), an introductory pitching program, and several drills and exercises designed to improve our players’ fundamental skills. These clinics also put a large emphasis on FUN — learning new skills, making new friends, and gaining an appreciation for America’s pastime.

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Bethesda Area Baseball League (BABL) (3rd – 8th Grade)

Koa BABL Baseball is a safe, engaging “in-house” league where advanced 3rd through 8th grade athletes can tryout and be drafted to a team. BABL gives athletes an opportunity to make and reinforce friendships, and explore the finer points of baseball in a competitive local environment. It’s a 2-3-day a week commitment that includes a clinic, a team practice, and game(s) on Saturday.

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Travel Baseball (Ages: 9U-HS Varsity)

Most folks say travel baseball is for “serious baseball players.” We say it’s for baseball players who take the sport seriously.

Our travel baseball players are practicing twice a week, playing weekend doubleheaders and working closely with our baseball staff to maximize their potential. That said, they’re also chattering in the dugout, pushing each other to improve and walking off the field covered in dirt. Eating pizza with the team after a win, it’s hard to describe the boys as “serious,” but the improvements to their skill level certainly is.

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Summer Travel Baseball (Ages: 9U-22U)

Our Summer travel program runs from early June through late July, depending on the age group. This and is the perfect fit for serious and experienced players. Summer tournament teams (9U-13U) do some traveling during the warmer months. Our high school program has three different teams – a 14/15U team that plays in a local league, a college development team that plays in a local league and in showcase tournaments, and an 18U team for rising Juniors and Seniors that plays in the Montgomery County league (MCBA).

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Indoor Training Facility (Ages: 8U-22U)

Looking for an edge? Want more reps outside of practices and games? Koa’s professional instructors have tons of experience teaching both the fundamentals and advanced, position-specific concepts. When you’re ready to step ahead of the competition, we are here to help you set and achieve your goals!

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Who is Koa Baseball?

We’re your neighborhood ball players. We’re a nation of seed-spitting, dugout-cheering, hard-working baseball-crazies who are out for two things: Getting better and having fun.

Koa was built on the idea that baseball is important in the lives of young boys. From the skills it develops to the lessons it teaches to the relationships formed along the way. Come join us and experience the Koa-difference for yourself.

Our baseball program is at it all year long, with games from spring through fall.

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